5 Apps That Help Young Couples Bond

When a couple goes through a hard time, books on psychology do not always help. People need something more practical.

Nowadays, your smartphone can become an assistant in love affairs: the developers have invented applications that will help you bond, make peace, or at least laugh together.

Modern technologies allow partners to feel intimacy, even if they are in a long-distance relationship, tell them what they are doing wrong, as well as encourage them to ask each other out to a movie or restaurant.

1. Kahnoodle
If a girl doesn’t make a scene when a man stays at work a bit longer, then she gets 10 points.

If a man has washed the dishes, then he gets 20 points. Perhaps people are conducting such a subconscious calculation of the moral exploits that their partners accomplish during the day, but they cannot put them on a truly mathematical level without a special program.

Love is also amenable to gamification, and Kahnoodle is the best evidence of this: involving partners in the scores-making competition, the application allows each partner to understand how much their soulmate is satisfied.

The program also allows you to set goals for a partner (I want you to learn how to use a blender) or for both (We want to live a month without quarrels), for which players receive points.

There should be prizes for a certain number of points, for example, a romantic dinner or a special night. You may like it even if you are involved in millionaire dating.

2. Duet
In the era of social networks, when any spoken word instantly becomes the public domain, Duet developers have decided to add real intimacy to the online conversation.

Duet is an instant messenger in which you can communicate with your loved one. The program partly takes on the task of maintaining relationships; for example, it offers you various options for joint leisure time.

It’s even surprising that people have forgotten the old ways to get closer. Duet also allows you to send short video messages.

3. The Ice Break
TheIceBreak allows you to get rid of the cold breath of winter, hovering over your relationship.

The application encourages partners to recognize each other’s secret thoughts; for example, you can ask various intimate questions, like “What do you dream of?” or “What would you like to try?” Some questions are asked by the application itself.

However, TheIceBreak works to its fullest only in the USA where users can exchange points which the application gives them for answering questions to get discounts in restaurants.

The program also allows you to evaluate each other for various parameters, for example, to give your partner points for support in difficult times.

4. Tokii
This mobile app is the world’s first platform for managing relationships which allows you to take them to a new level. The application offers a set of tools to get to know your partner better.

So, MoodMeter gives a chance to understand what the partner feels and thinks; the app encourages the young couple to send each other mini characteristics of their mood and state.

And the DiscoveryGames option allows you to compare the partner’s attitude to an event with your own one.

The smart option constantly collects and analyzes statistics, and one day it will inform you what you and your partner have in common.

5. Feel Me
Multimedia technology has long given the opportunity to see and hear a loved one, but it was impossible to feel their touch.

This problem has been finally solved by the application Feel Me. In real time, it displays the points on the smartphone screen that your loved one touches.

If you touch these points with your fingers, they will light up, and your smartphone will gently vibrate. It works greater than megabytes of words in online correspondence.