Designer Clothing- The Psychology Behind It

Wearing a designer label is something that is important to many, so much so, that the luxury apparel market was estimated to be worth 72.13 billion dollars in 2020; that is a lot of money!  What makes brand name apparel so appealing that people are willing to spend a small fortune on a piece of … Read more

Is Cable TV a Rip-off? Why?

Back when it first graced the American television scene, cable TV was a new and exciting technology. It relayed clear broadcasts 24/7 through a limited set of channels, which were wholesome and included the best programming anyone could ask for in their lineup. This instantly made it famous among the U.S. viewership, who had had … Read more

Man Found This Mysterious Box In A Dumpster with Contents That Baffle Everyone

Finding a box, just like this one, in a dumpster is not something entirely puzzling. Oftentimes, it just turns out to be something its owner no longer wants or needs. But what sets this box apart are the mysterious bits and pieces contained within. Few photos down and you’ll start to be completely mystified.   … Read more