Embarrassing gym moments we’ve all had

I have always yearned to be one of those cool, calm gym goers who look like they belong on a magazine cover in all their sweaty glory as they exercise. I, on the other hand, am a big ball of awkward at the gym, a constant source of entertainment for others and embarrassment for myself. … Read more

Watches Remain The Best Gift for Men

When you are indecisive about what present you should get to your boyfriend, think of Suunto watches. These are the only ones that can give you a stylish appearance while at the same time safeguards your athletic profile. People who have engaged in using these watches believe that Suunto has been the most impressive achievement … Read more

Dreams about Lice: Meanings & Interpretations

Lice live as parasites on the host body. They live among the hairs or feathers of their hosts, Lice spend their lives on a single host and lay eggs called nits. These cause unstoppable itchiness and rashes, which is a very unpleasant experience for a person. Dreams about lice are not a good omen. These … Read more