All About Viscose Elastane: The Ultimate Guide

Viscose fabric, which is soft and lightweight, has been used in many closets and houses since the late 1800s.  Viscose is derived from trees. However, it is not as ecologically friendly as other varieties of rayon, such as modal, due to the high amounts of chemicals used in the manufacturing process.  Viscose is a versatile … Read more

Decoding Rayon’s Stretch Factor: What You Should Know

Rayon is a fashionable and versatile fabric. Because of its softness and draping properties, rayon is frequently used to make pleasant and breathable garments.  However, rayon reacts differently than other materials when it comes to stretchiness. While rayon can have some elasticity, it is not as stretchy as textiles like spandex or elastane.  In this … Read more

Hyper Fixation Unmasked: Insights Into The Fascinating World Of Intense Interests

Have you ever become so absorbed in a certain topic or activity that it occupies your thoughts, time, and attention? Perhaps you’ve had instances when you become entirely engaged in a subject, losing sight of time and fixating on every detail. hyper fixation refers to this intense and focused state.  The mind becomes fascinated by … Read more

Embarrassing gym moments we’ve all had

I have always yearned to be one of those cool, calm gym goers who look like they belong on a magazine cover in all their sweaty glory as they exercise. I, on the other hand, am a big ball of awkward at the gym, a constant source of entertainment for others and embarrassment for myself. … Read more