Designer Clothing- The Psychology Behind It

Wearing a designer label is something that is important to many, so much so, that the luxury apparel market was estimated to be worth 72.13 billion dollars in 2020; that is a lot of money! 

What makes brand name apparel so appealing that people are willing to spend a small fortune on a piece of fabric?

Although designer clothing is usually superior quality, the reason most people wear luxury labels is as a status symbol, showing that they belong to an exclusive club of those who wear uber expensive clothing. Sounds pretty shallow, but this is how human nature works. Luxury apparel makes the wearer feel good about themselves, and makes others view them as elite.

This is true across all industries, from nurses wearing Grey’s Anatomy scrubs to skiers wearing designer helmets. You may think all nursing scrubs are the same, but there are designer scrub brands and labels that are worn by the fashionable doctor or nurse. 

Research shows that wearing a designer label can change your image, and how people perceive you, in a big way. It is interesting to note that many people believe that you get for what you pay for and are willing to pay a higher price for an item regardless if the quality is superior to its counterparts. It is a known fact that stores will sometimes raise prices for products that are not selling well and will suddenly see a spike in sale for these items since people suddenly view them as something of value due to the higher price tag. Sounds crazy, but that is how the human mind works! Buying designer or expensive clothing makes people feel good.

People usually purchase designer clothing for emotional reasons, whether or not they can actually afford the purchase. Many will pass on a fake Rolex that looks identical to a real one and opt to spend the small fortune on a real one since they feel good knowing that they own an authentic luxury product. So, wearing designer brands is not only to show off to the world, it runs deeper than that, making us feel good knowing we are part of the designer label club.

But if you dig a bit deeper you will find something quite interesting. Someone who is always on the lookout for the newest luxury item is often someone who lacks self-esteem and generally doesn’t feel good about themselves. The need to only wear designer labels may be covering up a general feeling of low self-confidence and not being comfortable in their own skin.

If you can afford it, go ahead and fill your closets with designer labels, but if the price tag seems a bit over your budget, step back and remember it’s not the brand name that truly matters, but it’s the person beneath it that makes all the difference.