19 News Headlines That’ll Leave You Scratching Your Head

These are what passes for headline news these days… 1. Lock up your pooches. themetapicture 2. That’s super obvious reddit 3. Ha ha! dumpaday 4. Were they dead? themetapicture 5. Yeah, I can see the caps. reddit 6. In other news… their neighbor got a new car. reddit 7. Seriously, we need more than that. … Read more

Mr. Bean Painted Into Art History’s Greatest Portraits

People call him a caricature artist, but Rodney Pike calls himself a ‘Humorous Illustrator’ because that’s what he does and loves best — putting humor into his illustrations. “I make no statements with my work. It’s simply for fun. It’s just a really cool bonus that I get paid for doing this stuff. Love my … Read more

35 Most Hilarious YouTube Comments Ever

If you think YouTube’s only good for watching videos, think again. Whenever you’re on YouTube, keep an eye on the comments section. There you’ll find geniuses whose quick quips, puns, and awesome comebacks are better than the video itself… way better. Here are 35 of them:   1. www.pleated-jeans.com 2. www.pleated-jeans.com 3. www.humorsharing.com 4. dailypicksandflicks.com … Read more