Girl Quits Her Job Using Whiteboard Messages. You Wouldn’t Believe What Happened Next. LOL.

Sometimes quitting the job that you’re no longer happy with is the best. But you’ve to be sure to be more tactful, and make a graceful exit as possible. This girl named Jenny decided to quit her job with 33 whiteboard messages. Happy and satisfied with her decision, she emailed the photos to her boss … Read more

The Wedding Was Going Perfect Till This Happened. And It’s Still Perfect. I Was Laughing Hard.

An Australian woman decided to fly to Thailand to tie the knot in a beautiful resort in Phuket. She wanted to make sure that her wedding day would be memorable and perfect. And that’s definitely what happened. A 3-year-old elephant showed up at the wedding ceremony. Delighted to see such a wonderful creature on her … Read more

21 Pictures That You’ll Have To Look Closely To Understand. #12 Is Hilarious, LOL.

Some pictures you really have to look harder in order to understand. If you don’t, you will end up thinking that what you just saw are photos of people doing inappropriate acts and things like that. Don’t make that mistake. These are all innocent pictures but you’ll have to really look closely. 1. My eyes … Read more