These 23 Photos Will Take You On A Wonderful Virtual Tour Of The World’s Largest Container Ship

We all love to know about everything record-breaking, from the world’s largest yoyo to the smallest caravan, or from the person with the longest tongue to the longest jump by a cat. These record-breakers never fail to be so intriguing, to be so fascinating. This wonderful series of photographs taken by Redditor princesspixel shows the … Read more

This Looks Like An Ordinary Tool Shed. But Wait Till The Walls Are Folded Up…

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This Cathedral Holds Stunning Architectural Features. The Most Amazing Piece? I’m Blown Away.

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Chinese Professor Builds a Mountain Retreat On Top Of A Residential Building in Beijing

Photo by Luo Xiaoguang / Rex Features (2801921d)

Professor Zhang Lin wanted to live in a house on top of a mountain, but without leaving the city. So he built one on top of a 26th-story residential building in the middle of a bustling city. The neighbors naturally aren’t feeling very zen about it. He didn’t even bother checking with them or the … Read more