What This Guy Is Doing Is Illegal, But When You See It, You’ll Love It.

Altering the faces on dollar bills is technically illegal. But what the artist James Charles is doing is completely incredible. You don’t want him to stop. He started working on the series American Iconomics in 2010, in which he transforms the historical figures on dollar bills into pop culture icons. See for yourself and… wow! … Read more

Powerful Images Of Humanity (31 Pictures)

These 31 stunning images perfectly capture the pain, joy, beauty and the constant struggle of humanity. Each captivating photo tells a story that tugs at your heartstrings. If you have a second, please share these images with others. 1. cavemancircus 2. cavemancircus 3. cavemancircus 4. cavemancircus 5. cavemancircus 6. cavemancircus 7. cavemancircus 8. cavemancircus 9. … Read more