22 Animals With A Special Knack for Breaking the Rules in The Most Hilarious Ways

These rebel animals won’t fall prey to society’s attempt of controlling them. Signboards? Street signs? Nope, you can’t control them with that. And they can easily get away with all these rule breaking because they look innocently funny and adorable getting caught in the act. Theses pictures below say it all. Enjoy! 1. Too hungry … Read more

See That Little Boy? A Vicious Dog Is About to Attack Him. But You Gotta See What Happens Next.

A 4-year-old boy was riding a bike near his yard. All of a sudden a vicious dog came out of nowhere and attacked him. The boy was knocked to the ground. The dog started dragging him away when the fearless and heroic cat sprang into action and rescued the helpless child. Here’s the boy riding … Read more

This May Look Creepy to You At First. But This Is Actually One of the Most Beautiful Places On Earth.

At first, I thought this place looks a bit creepy with all these people in weird costumes. But this is actually what’s inside the giant panda research center in China. The mind-blowing images inside were taken by the photographer Ami Vitale, who was given exclusive access into the Wolong National Reserve. This is one of … Read more