2020 pandemic and how quarantine is affecting relationships

The 2020 pandemic due to the outbreak of Corona virus has altered our lives in the most unexpected ways. This biologically advanced virus is affecting people brutally.


4 best tips on modern dating

Meeting and dating people for us is an integral part of daily life. We constantly encounter new people in our own personal space.


Cyberspace Romance: Six Truth about Online Relationships

More and more singles are choosing to ignore the traditional outlets for connecting with potential partners – bars, nightclubs, social clubs, introductions by mutual friends – and opting to flirt online instead.


Internet Relationships and Their Impact on Modern Society

here has been an explosion in online dating in recent times, with new sites being launched on a daily basis, catering for a diverse range of interests. So many singles are now choosing...


WTF Article From 1958 Magazine Offers ‘129 Ways To Get A Husband’

Lots of interesting things were taking place in the 1950s. The Cold War was heating up between the United States and Soviet Union. Humanity was venturing into outer space for the first time in history. And another interesting...


Anniversary Gifts Not To Give To Your Wife

Celebrating every wedding anniversary allows you to enjoy each other’s company and look to the years ahead. At the same time it’s a chance to look back at the past and laugh about some of things at the time you...

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