4 best tips on modern dating

Meeting and dating people for us is an integral part of daily life. We constantly encounter new people in our own personal space.

Sometimes it can happen spontaneously by chance, sometimes we consciously look for new acquaintances or new people for friendship, sharing interests or more often for some kind of romantic relationships.

There are a huge amount of ways to get acquainted with new people, but since we live in the 21st century, in fact, the whole arsenal of temporary technologies is at our services.

We can still meet someone at work, on the street, in the park, in a bar, anywhere at all. But it does not always end successfully, not always you have an opportunity to talk, sometimes the person that interested you has a mood for small talk.

Therefore I think you need to use modern technologies and their benefit. For example, one of the most popular applications is Tinder, that helps you to meet someone nearby, go and have a cup of coffee and talk a bit.

But still, you have no insurance from fails, because profiles in Tinder are very small and you have no other criteria but appearance. Which is not enough for me. In my opinion, the real epitome of modern technologies in this problem are dating sites such as Dating.com.

There are a few tips on how to deal with dating nowadays. We don’t live in a puritan society, where all roles are distributed and everything has strict rules. But there is some advice, that you can use for making dating a pleasant part of your life.

Do not expect too much

We all want every date to be perfect, but this is rarely the case even in the best possible way. Just relax and let the date go on. Don’t create a person of your dreams in your imagination, even if during texting you may think that you have found your soulmate, but it is an exaggeration. Set yourself a simple and clear goal – to find out more about a person.

Better cafe than a restaurant

Make date as simple as possible. The date at the table with a snow-white tablecloth in the most expensive restaurant in the city is a bad option. Apart from the fact that the question will inevitably arise what to wear and who pays for dinner, most likely, both of you will feel uncomfortable.

Best for the first meeting fit the usual cafe, pizzeria or even a leisurely walk through the park if the weather permits. A classic date with candles adds a formal atmosphere and it is not your best choice.

Give both of you some time

Sometimes after a few dates, you find full confidence that this is a person you will spend the rest of your days, raise four children and die in one day. Believe me, such stories are found only in romantic comedies.

Ordinary mortals need time to get used to a new person: to test the soil, find common themes and make contact. In general, do not rush to draw conclusions about a person on the first dates.

Do not be afraid to pause

In a lively human conversation, pauses are normal, you are not a television announcer and do not give a presentation to the board of directors of your company. Of course, it would be better if you come up with several topics in advance that could potentially be of interest to both you and your partner.

Talk about traveling, animals, or family relationships if the topic is not too personal for you. For example, you can find common information in persons Dating.com profile, it gonna make everything much easier.

Dates can and should be fun, so be confident, take all your sense of humor and enjoy it!