What Sweden Looked Like Over 110 Years Ago

This beautiful collection of old photographs from Swedish National Heritage Board captured Sweden from over 100 years ago. You are about to see town views, city environments, harbors, streets, palaces, dwelling houses, railway stations, castles, etc. from Stockholm, industrial and university towns with medieval roots like Visby (today a UNESCO World Heritage), and other towns … Read more

Warship Evaded the Enemy by Disguising Itself as an Island (1942)

Dutch warship HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen blending in with the environment (1942) Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons During World War II, the Japanese fleet completely crushed a combined Dutch-American-Australian-British fleet at the Battle of the Java Sea. The victorious Japanese then occupied the entire Netherlands East Indies. With four Dutch warships survived the Japanese onslaught, they decided … Read more

Wolf Sanctuary in Norway That Lets You Watch the Northern Lights While Cuddling With Wolves

Polar Park A wolf isn’t the kind of animal you’d fantasize about cuddling, or even let one anywhere near you. But in this incredible wolf sanctuary in Norway, that’s exactly what tourists and locals sign up for. The Polar Park in Norway is an animal wildlife sanctuary with wolves raised by humans. Unlike those wolves … Read more

Young Woman Writing a Thank You Note to Her Boyfriend for the Skull of Japanese Soldier He Sent

A young woman from Arizona writing her Navy boyfriend a thank-you note for the Jap skull he sent her (May 22, 1944) Photo credit: Ralph Crane | LIFE magazine’s “Picture of the Week” A rare and disturbing photo, so much about this it’s still a mystery. We don’t know what became of the skull in … Read more