1875 Victorian Mansion Is On Sale For Cheap Price, But No One Wants It Because of Its Haunting Past

In 1875, Sylvester K. Pierce, a wealthy chair manufacturer, designed and built a magnificent Victorian home. The 6,661-sq-ft historic house with 10 bedrooms would naturally fetch a handsome price of probably millions. But...


5 Strangest Photos Ever Captured on Camera During World War II

It was a period of dramatic change across the globe. It was also a period when seriously bizarre stuff happened.


A Guy Found This Dusty Old Trunk In His Grandpa’s House Full of Historical Items

It had been hidden away in his grandpa’s garage gathering dust, untouched, and unopened. No one knew for sure what it contains inside, so when he finally opened it, the family was shocked with this discovery.


The Luckiest Man in History Who Was Also The World’s Unluckiest Man Who Ever Lived

Meet Frano Selak of Croatia. He is the unluckiest man in the world. He is the luckiest man on the planet. His amazing story will completely blow you away. Photo: wisdompills.com 81-year-old Frano has survived just about every...


10 Mysterious Photos In History That Cannot Be Explained

These unexplained, mind-boggling pictures will leave you scratching your head.


Rare Photographs of Freak Show Performers in History

Freak shows became popular in Europe in the 17th century. For the next 300 years, it was a popular form of entertainment all around the world, most significantly in North America.

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