10 Stunning Historical Artifacts That No One Can Explain


10 Biggest Mysteries in History That Will Probably Never Be Solved


Jewel-Encrusted Skeletons Discovered in Rome in 1578

In 1578, an incredible and somewhat baffling discovery was made in Rome. Beneath the city lies a network of labyrinth-like tombs that housed skeletons of early Christian martyrs wearing expensive clothes and decorated with...


Japan Just Created The Most Bizarre Military Vehicle You’ll Ever See

What you’re about to see isn’t an optical illusion. It’s a real military vehicle that’s designed by Japan to look like a giant moving bush. Not exactly one of those cutting edge technology Japan usually...


1875 Victorian Mansion Is On Sale For Cheap Price, But No One Wants It Because of Its Haunting Past

In 1875, Sylvester K. Pierce, a wealthy chair manufacturer, designed and built a magnificent Victorian home. The 6,661-sq-ft historic house with 10 bedrooms would naturally fetch a handsome price of probably millions. But...


5 Strangest Photos Ever Captured on Camera During World War II

It was a period of dramatic change across the globe. It was also a period when seriously bizarre stuff happened.

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