Anniversary Gifts Not To Give To Your Wife

Celebrating every wedding anniversary allows you to enjoy each other’s company and look to the years ahead. At the same time it’s a chance to look back at the past and laugh about some of things at the time you thought...


Could Your Marriage Pass This 1930s Marriage Quiz?

How do you rate as a husband or wife of the 1930s? Northwestern University’s George W. Crane, Ph.D and M.D. developed a Marital Rating Scale dividing it in two columns with positive and negative characteristics back in...


This Looks Like A Perfect Relationship

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20 Incredible Marriage Advice Everyone Needs to Know


This Gorilla’s Reaction When She Found Out What Happened To Her Pet Cat Stunned Experts

And to think that gorillas are still being hunted and killed.


His Wife Left With Everything Except Their Dog. So He Did THIS…

She took all the furniture, cookware, decorations, everything except their bull terrier -- his one good friend.

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