Amazing Bridge Turns Into An Underwater Tunnel That Connects Denmark And Sweden

Designed by the Danish architect George K.S. Rotne, the awe-inspiring Øresund roadway connects the Danish capital of Copenhagen to the Swedish city of Malmö, stretching about 8km before transitioning through an artificial...


28 Most Weird-Looking Aircrafts In History

Well I had no idea they could look this weird. Some look pretty cool though.


Stunning Photos Of The Majestic 2,000-Year-Old Philippine Rice Terraces

The majestic rice terraces rise like wide, monumental staircases that offer breathtaking views from every angle.


Only Engineers and Smart People Will Fully Understand This…

Six months and $8,000,000 later, they had a genius solution!


20 Famous Inventors With Their Brilliant Inventions That Change Our World


This Luxurious, Beautiful City Was Designed for the Rich People in China. But There’s One Major Problem.

Wow. What a waste!

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