28 Most Weird-Looking Aircrafts In History

Well I had no idea they could look this weird. Some look pretty cool though.


28 Tattooed Seniors Show You How Your Tattooed Self Will Look When You’re Older

Whether you’ve a tattoo or thinking about getting one, you’ve probably wondered how will you look like when you’re older. There’s so much doubt about getting inked for fear that it’ll look bad...


Photos Of Mysterious Abandoned Chicken Church in the Jungle of Indonesia

Hidden deep in the Indonesian jungle, lies a ‘church’ with the most unusual form. The long abandoned structure was built by 67-year-old Daniel Alamsjah in 1990, after he had a vision from God to build a prayer...


Man Spent Years Taking Photos Of This Small Town. But When You Look Closer… OMGGGGG!

60-year-old Michael Paul Smith has spent countless hours photographing one quaint town. There's something about the place that always drew him to it.


Mom Invents This Shopping Cart That Helps Seniors And Special Needs Kids

We truly appreciate creative thinkers and innovators in this world, especially those who strive to make our world a better place.


Retired Art Teacher Built This Cute Cob House For Only $250!

His adorable home can be found in Oxfordshire, England, right in the garden of Mr. Michael Buck, a 59-year-old retired teacher who built it with his own hands for only $250 (£150). Impressed? Wait until you read the whole...

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