‘The World’s Ugliest Cat’ Was Rescued By a Little Girl And Transformed Into THIS

When residents saw a disfigured kitten abandoned on the streets of Istanbul, they were too put off to stop and help her. Homeless, starving and in pain, everyone who saw her had seemingly written her off because of her ugly appearance.

Then one day, a 7-year-old girl found her and brought the kitten home.

When her father saw her with the poor animal, they immediately rushed her to the vet. Aside from her facial deformities, the kitten was also infested with mites. She was in terrible condition that the vet said they needed a miracle to save her life.

The kitten was in horrible shape when the little girl picked her up.


Passersby have ignored the poor animal for days on the streets.



In addition to her badly disfigured face, the cat was infested with mites.


She may be hard to look at, but this little girl sees something special in her.


The vet and nurses tried their best to save her life and reconfigure the kitten’s face.


Poor little kitten had been through so much.


It was a slow process but the medical team nursed her back to health. They also surgically repaired her roughest features.


…with her savior at her side the entire time.


When she finally recovered, they named her Gülümser, which means:
“she who always smiles.”


The transformation of Gülümser is nothing short of magical. The medical team of the animal hospital worked wonders on the cat, but her true savior is the unconditional love of a child. If you’ve a sec, please SHARE Gülümser’s amazing story with your friends below. It’s a wonderful reminder that we should never judge a book by its cover.