The First Photograph of Discovery of Machu Picchu (1911)

The ruins of Machu Picchu covered in jungle growth in 1911 photographed by Yale archaeologist Hiram Bingham. Photo credit: National Geographic In 1911, American archaeologist Hiram Bingham arrived in Peru with his team of explorers with a goal to find Vilcabamba, the last Inca stronghold to fall to the Spanish. While traveling on foot and … Read more

Police Officer issuing a woman a ticket for wearing bikini on Italian beach (1957)

Sunglasses helps a lot in the “ticket writing” process. The bikini was invented by French engineer Louis Réard. He coined the named in 1946. He got the name of the swimsuit design from Bikini Atoll, where the testing on the atomic bomb took place. Réard would later describe the bikini as a “two-piece bathing suit … Read more

25 Rare Photos in History esp. #14

Another incredible round of images from the past we rarely see. Enjoy! Old Pacific Electric red cars sit at Terminal Island junkyard, awaiting dismantling to become scrap metal (1956) A family picture 1950, Photo by Toni Schneiders The Antomium at the Brussels World’s Fair, 1958 Director Billy Wilder with Gloria Swanson and Cecil B. DeMille … Read more