Stray Dogs Show Up at Funeral of This Woman Who’d Been Feeding Them For Years

You know this woman is special when even stray dogs started showing up at her funeral.

We hear of special people out there who are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Margarita Suarez is one of them. For her, caring and feeding stray dogs and other unwanted animals on the streets on a daily basis can only be described as a religious dedication.


Her devotion for the dogs knew no bounds. She never took a day off, bringing a packet of food with her wherever she went, in case she ran into a hungry stray dog.


Taking care of stray dogs became her life.


When she died, stray dogs began to appear at Margarita’s funeral. They seemed to understand that their adopted mother has passed away and they’re banding together to express their grief in the only way they knew how.



It was a magical moment for everyone who was there at the funeral. The dogs weren’t the only animals to make their presence felt. A bird flew in and joined them. Some may have expected shenanigans of some sort. But they caused absolutely no problem at all. Everyone was respectful and obedient.


The animals definitely showed their love to this true animal lover who spent much of her life feeding them and showing them love. They certainly miss her.


This is one of those beautiful stories that will warm your heart and leave you speechless. We just lost one of the most selfless human beings. The lives of all the animals she’d helped are never going to be the same again.

Our heartfelt condolences go to Margarita’s family. May she rest in peace.