They Save This Injured Coyote From Death And Are Shocked When They See Her Weeks Later

When the Animal Rescue Team found the injured, blind coyote, she had already stopped breathing. They tried to revive her by performing CPR and rushed her to the nearest vet! She had miraculously survived an incredible ordeal that included a 30-foot fall, rodent poison, starvation, dehydration and a gunshot to the head!


Photo: Animal Rescue Team

As if those things are not enough to impress her rescuers, this tough coyote gives them an amazing surprise six weeks after her rescue. When they visit her large enclosure, they found her a proud mom with her puppies!


Photo: Animal Rescue Team

“Although she remains blind, she is the best mother we have ever witnessed,” the Animal Rescue Team said. When they realized what this mother coyote had been through, they are more amazed.


Photo: Animal Rescue Team

“This is a first for us in 35 years of rescuing wildlife,” the team added. After the pregnant coyote was shot, she tried to escape and ended up falling 30 feet down into a dried-out riverbed of the Santa Ynez watershed.


Photo: Animal Rescue Team

Someone alerted the rescue group and they immediately went to rescue her. Despite all the hardships she’s been through and courageously endured, “She is a sweet, kind, doting momma,” the rescue team said.


Photo: Animal Rescue Team


Once her puppies are grown, they will be released back into the wild. Their amazing, heroic mom will remain in their care until she fully recovers, and will be given to a state permitted wildlife facility.

“We believe she deserves to remain alive.”


Photo: Animal Rescue Team

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