Dog Travels 4 Miles to Get This Bag For Her Family. What’s Inside It Brings Tears to My Eyes.

Lilica was only a puppy when she’s abandoned. Neile Vania Antonio found her and adopted the puppy. They live together in a junkyard with the rest of the family that includes a cat, a mule, another dog, and a few chickens.

Lilica lives in this junkyard with her diverse family.


What Lilica does every night is incredibly special. She travels 2 miles along a busy highway to visit Lucia Helena de Souza. They have a special arrangement: Lucia who takes care of several stray animals prepares food in a bag for Lilica. They meet at 9:30pm. Lilica will eat some of the food, then travel the 2-mile journey back home with the bag to feed the rest of her family.

Here’s Lilica walking a busy highway to bring some food to her family.



“I realized that she ate and then stared at what was in the bag,” Lucia said. “Then we tied up the bag and gave it to Lilica. From then on, that’s what how we did it.”

This wonderful arrangement has been going on for over 3 years! Everyone who knows Lilica believes that she’s a very special dog.

“People don’t do that. Some people hide what they have and don’t want to share with others. She didn’t. Lilica is an exceptional animal.”

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