How to Ensure More Customers Leave Reviews? 7 Powerful Tips

Online reviews and feedback from customers have a great influence on your business growth.

In fact, about 60% of customers decide whether to purchase a business’s products/services based on the number of reviews.

So, you need to ensure that your existing and new customers always drop a review for every purchase.

However, if you’re tired of requesting your customers to share feedback, here are some powerful strategies to encourage them!

1. Place the Customer Testimonials Strategically

On your business website, place 10 top testimonials and reviews on the homepage and add a link to a page with more favorable reviews. If each product has nice reviews, publish them on the respective product page.

If possible, add customers’ names, pictures, and testimonials to give your business credibility. If the reviews are from other websites, you can also include the source of the reviews.

This will make customers more likely to drop detailed reviews, hoping to get published on your website.

2. Share the Link to the Review Page

This is an interesting and unique way to encourage your customers to share their reviews. Get your hands on some business cards NFC for this.

When customers are ready for checkout, tap on their phone with the card.

This leads them to a page with contact information and the link to your preferred review website seamlessly.

Thus, customers can effortlessly share their reviews on the website. They won’t have to manually look up your business on their phone. Instead, they can find it on the stored contact information page.

After tapping the card, notify your customer about the link to your review page. This easy process will increase your customers’ likelihood of leaving reviews!

3. Remind Them with an Email

After a customer makes a purchase, whether online or in your physical store, get their email address. Drop an email asking for a review and a digital transaction receipt.

Since it’s a receipt, they won’t immediately delete the email. They can also access the email at any moment because they’ll keep it carefully.

4. Add Rewards for Reviews

Offer every customer who leaves a review (positive or negative) a 10% discount coupon for their next purchase. This will increase people’s interest in leaving reviews.

However, don’t publicly share news about this coupon lest people misuse it. Instead, simply email them the coupon when they share the review.

5. Connect with Whoever Leaves Reviews

When a customer leaves a positive review, send a thank-you email. This is a perfect way to show gratitude and encourage them to share reviews more often.

If you want to feature their review on social media, you can also email them to ask for their permission.

On the other hand, if you receive negative reviews, connect with the customer and try to resolve it ASAP.

Don’t ignore it, as that’s a great way to improve your business image to those customers. If they feel satisfied, they might even leave better reviews.

6. Make Accounts on Several Platforms

Create a profile for your business on different review platforms. It’ll help your customers find your business faster and leave a review online. It also makes your business profile more visible to potential clients and customers and ultimately supports business growth.

Some of the most important websites are:

You can also sign up for industry-specific review websites.

If you don’t want to create so many profiles, conduct a customer survey on customers’ most-used review platforms and go with those.

7. Respond to All Reviews

Whenever you receive a positive review on any platform, thank the customer for adding a review. Other customers may also feel inclined to leave a review, expecting a response from the business.

If you get bad reviews, again, thank the reviewer for highlighting the issue. In the response, apologize if the business made a mistake. Send an email or contact number to resolve the issue.

If the issue can’t be solved, try to compensate them with some help or discount.


These strategies will certainly attract invaluable customer reviews and improve your business reputation. So, implement them one step at a time and see them make a difference!