Heartwarming Illustration Of A Dog’s Life Will Make You Want to Super Hug Your Pup Right Now

The only horrible thing about owning and loving a dog is that they can’t be with us forever. Stinks, I know! Believe me, I curse the day my furbabies left, and to those who are still snoring beside me right now, the day they’ll have to leave.

But we can’t stop them from leaving. That dreadful day will come, no matter how much we shoo it away. What we can do though, is cherish every moment we have with our pets; treasure every kiss, every hug, every belly rub – because those things won’t last forever.

The memories will remain, true. And there’s always the hope that one day, we might be able to see them again, over there at the the rainbow bridge.

If the thought of that didn’t leave you tearing up, here’s a heartwarming illustration by Anything About Nothing about a dog’s life. Reading this tore me up. It’s very hard to read, especially if like me, you’ve also experienced losing a beloved pet before. But, it’s worth it, tears and all. Enjoy!