Lion, Bear, And Tiger Have Been Inseparable Best Friends For 15 Years, The Reason Why Is Heartbreaking

What happens when you put a lion, a tiger, and a bear in one place? Epic animal friendship! That’s right, folks. Rescued animals Leo (lion), Shere Khan (tiger), and Baloo (bear) show the world a perfect example of epic animal friendship after they’re rescued from a terrible life of abuse at the hands of a drug dealer.

They were immediately brought to Noah’s Ark, in Locust Grove, Georgia, to rehabilitate and regain their health.

The wild animals were malnourished and had various infections when they were rescued.


Noah’s Ark Sanctuary

Baloo was in the worst condition of the three.


Noah’s Ark Sanctuary

Baloo was harnessed at a very young age. It was never loosened as he grew. It required a surgical operation to remove the harness.


Noah’s Ark Sanctuary

It was only during Baloo’s surgery that the three friends were separated.


Noah’s Ark Sanctuary

After that, the three friends are spending their time together in the park.


Noah’s Ark Sanctuary

They recovered their full strength and grew into healthy adults.


Noah’s Ark Sanctuary


They live in the enclosure of the park and get along just fine.


Noah’s Ark Sanctuary

Their friendship left everyone in awe and amazement.


Noah’s Ark Sanctuary

They are all males, by the way.


Noah’s Ark Sanctuary

And they are just like inseparable brothers.


Noah’s Ark Sanctuary

Their terrible experience at a young age may have contributed a lot to their epic friendship and great affection for each other.


Noah’s Ark Sanctuary

They stick together.


Noah’s Ark Sanctuary

Showing each other respect and love.


Noah’s Ark Sanctuary

Watch them in this video below.