Dog Jumped In front Of Bullets to Save This Soldier’s Life. Now Watch What Happens to Him…

Dogs would risk their own life and limb to ensure the safety of their owners who love them. They do it out of love, loyalty and appreciation. Few animals can be compared to them in this regard.

In the military, dogs are our unsung heroes. Like many of our heroic military men and women, numerous dogs have also laid down their lives to protect our freedom. One of them is Lakya, a beautiful German shepherd. She has consistently placed herself in harm’s way to protect her owner and other members of her team.

“I owed this dog every moment that I have from here on out… I felt really bad because I was the one that put her in the building. Then happy at the same time because I was still alive and my buddies to my left and my right were also still alive,” Julian explained. “If the dog has put in the time for the country, then the country owes it to them to put the time into them.”

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