This Little Girl Died But Even In Death She Helps Other Children Live. I Need a Tissue.

The little girl is dying in the hospital. Her mother and father said their last goodbye and kissed her for the last time. But after her death, something beautiful is going to happen. Wondering why all these people are bowing? They’re the surgical team who will be doing an operation in less than an hour … Read more

This Millionaire Gave Up Everything to Live His Dream. His Life-Changing Advice Is Simply Amazing.

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Dying Father Writes Heartrending ‘Napkin Notes’ to His Daughter to Ensure She Never Has to Eat Alone.

When his doctor told him that he’s going to die of cancer, Garth Callaghan has to make sure her 14-year-old daughter Emma will never be alone eating lunch in school when he’s gone. It has been a family tradition to slip a “napkin note” into her lunch box since Emma was in kindergarten. His father … Read more