5 Best Things to do in Singapore during your Vacation

Singapore has been a favorite country for tourists who wish to go for a vacation with their family. The country is a hotspot for career opportunists as well as for those who wish to take a break from regular life and go on holiday. It is only that when you are making vacation plans for … Read more

Discover an Amazing Underwater World in Thailand

Thailand has no shortage of islands. The ocean is a big part of Thailand and without a doubt the most beautiful part of it. With a 2,815 km of coastline, 1,878 of which is on the East Coast and 937 on the West Coast on the Andaman sea. The Andaman Sea roughly stretches over 1,200 … Read more

A Guide for On & Off-campus Living

Choosing between on-campus and off-campus living is a very personal preference that is influenced by your own priorities. In many instances, college is the very first time a student will be away from home and their parents or other family members. Selecting the appropriate place to live and the kind of accommodation to move into … Read more

Incredible pictures of the famous oasis in the heart of Sahara desert

Check on Google Maps and type in Guelta d’Archei, Sahara. The results will give you a little dot in the middle of the desert that looks uninteresting from afar. But this place is actually home to one of the zoological wonders in the world. Guelta d’Archei is a famous oasis in the heart of the … Read more