What To Pack For a Day Trip to the Beach

Visiting the beach presents an opportunity that is difficult to pass. The thought of sunbathing while being soothed by the breeze, or just strolling barefoot on the sand watching the sunset is just irresistible.

The best system is to have all your “beach paraphernalia” pre-packed. Going with friends or family adds to the fun but introduces a small complexity on the packing list sometimes. Wondering what to pre-pack? Don’t worry, this article will give you a detailed list of all those essentials.

But before that, how are you getting there?  A car is always a great way to travel to the beach. For a larger group like a family, a minivan would be the most ideal. If you own one that is an advantage but if not you might require to rent one.

If you decide to rent one, the rental price may vary depending on the model and rental company. To find out how much to rent a minivan per day visit Rental24h.com and search using the minivan rental you prefer. You will be able to compare rental prices from different cars for rent companies to get the cheapest.

Essential things to bring to the beach

With your means of movement sorted let’s look at some of the essential things you shouldn’t forget to bring along when you decide to hit the beach:

  • Beach umbrella. Preferably one that is lightweight and fits in your bag.
  • Sunscreen. You will be spending most of the day exposed to the sun with very little clothing to cover your skin. Apply some sunscreen before heading out and carry some for re-application to protect your skin from being sunburnt. Make sure to carry enough for everyone that’s accompanying you to the beach. Some lip balm will do you a lot of good too as far as protection from the sun is concerned.

the beach

  • Sunglasses and a hat. These protect you from direct exposure to the sun. You don’t want your day out on the beach to turn into a visit to the doctor.
  • Beach chair. A beach chair is another item you don’t want to forget for your trip to the beach. It brings that relaxed vibe.
  • Beach blanket. Carry a big one that you can share with whoever you are going to the beach with if you have company.
  • Towels. This too is important. Everyone should bring theirs as sharing is not encouraged.
  • A rag. This is to wipe off the sand.
  • Water shoes. They come in handy when you are visiting a rocky beach.
  • Flip Flops. You can wear them for that walk to the beach if you live near it. They are comfortable and easy to take off. You are, however, encouraged not to drive with them if you will be using a car. Most car rental companies will remind you of this when you rent a car because of insurance.
  • Snacks. Remember to carry snacks. Just something light before dinner back at home.
  • A cooler box. This will help cool your drinks as you will be spending time in the sun and may require to cool off at intervals.
  • Refillable water bottles. These will save you some cash since they can always be refilled instead of buying water.
  • Diaper bag. Is your baby going to the beach too? Do not forget the Diaper bag to store those used diapers instead of littering the beach with them.
  • Change of clothes. If you bring kids along a change of clothes is encouraged. This is in case they soil themselves. They don’t have to be stylish, just something to get them to the car when it’s time to go home.
  • Emergency kit. There are bound to be all sorts of accidents at the beach. Don’t forget to bring with you an emergency kit.
  • Portable speakers. Some people bring them along to the beach. But you should ensure you don’t become a nuisance to others by playing loud music
  • Backpack. You will need to somehow carry all these things. A Backpack is always the way to go. Choose one that is well-padded for comfort and one with enough storage compartments.


We all love the beach and would gladly take any opportunity to visit. But a trip there will require a few must-have things like sunscreen that you should not leave behind. Next time when going to the beach, ensure you counter-check with our list of things to pack when traveling to the beach discussed above so that you have a good time without inconvenience at the beach.