What to Do In Las Vegas This Fall?

The fall months are a great time to visit Las Vegas because the air is cool without being too hot or cold. There is no better feeling than to be cool in the middle of the Mojave Desert. But that is only one reason to visit Las Vegas in the fall.

Another reason to visit Las Vegas in the fall is all the fantastic things you can do and experience. Even though tourism slows down in the fall, entertaining shows and thrilling activities are still available. All you have to do is plan your Las Vegas travel itinerary for the fall by including everything you want to do on it.

Below are the top six things to do in Las Vegas in the fall.

1) Walk on the Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is the most prominent tourist spot in Las Vegas because it features all the best hotels, shows, venues, and attractions. But you do not have to visit any of these places or pay any money to enjoy the experience of the Las Vegas Strip. Just being on the Strip is enough to become thrilled and overwhelmed.

Walking the Strip is the best way to see the real Las Vegas in all its glory. And since it’s the fall season, the weather will be cool enough for you to walk outside for long periods and remain comfortable. Then you can see all the glorious spots you only heard about in movies and television.

2) Standup Comedy Shows

Who does not love a good standup comedy show? Many of you have spent years watching famous standup comedians on television, such as Ron White, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Maher, George Lopez, and Daniel Tosh. Well, now, you can see them in person in hotel theaters across Las Vegas.

Famous comedians are not the only ones doing standup comedy routines in Las Vegas. You can also visit your favorite comedy clubs to find a random roster of funny standup comedians, many of whom are newcomers looking to make names for themselves in the entertainment industry. Some of the best Las Vegas comedy clubs include Aces of Comedy Club, Las Vegas Live Comedy Club, Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club, Delirious Comedy Club, and Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club.

You can inform about the various standup comedy shows and clubs featured throughout Las Vegas in September from this guide.

3) Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a three-hour drive away from Las Vegas. If you purchase the Go Las Vegas® pass, you can receive significant savings on tour trips to the park. But whether you visit the park with a guided tour or not, you will have a fantastic experience there during the fall season.

Zion National Park contains gorgeous canyons filled with scenic red rock formations and mountainous terrain which spread far into the distance. There are also trees with leaves that change into beautiful colors like gold, amber, and red. You’ll fall in love with the views as soon as you arrive at the park.

Fall is one of the best times to visit the park because you can enjoy the cool temperatures as you hike the trails and explore the beautiful rocky terrain.

4) Elvis Tribute Shows

Elvis Presley was more than the King of Rock and Roll. He was also a legendary performer who helped put Las Vegas on the map. That is why the city is filled with hundreds of Elvis impersonators on the streets and in clubs. However, the best Elvis impersonators perform musical tribute shows to honor the king. These impersonators capture the look, vocals, wardrobe, and feel of the real Elvis Presley.

Elvis Spirit of the King and All Shook Up are the two primary musical tribute shows that are dedicated to Elvis. The former features master impersonator Steve Connolly singing and appearing as Elvis, while the latter has a roster of different impersonators. You will hear them sing famous Elvis hit songs like “Suspicious Minds,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and “Heartbreak Hotel.”

If you like to find other musical tribute shows to see in Las Vegas, Visit https://vegaslens.com/guide/shows/ to discover other fantastic shows.

5) SlotZilla Zipline

Take a walk on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas and stop by the building that looks like an enormous slot machine. The SlotZilla Zipline attraction offers two popular zipline rides for people who want to zipline across Fremont Street from high above the ground. Since the fall weather is great, it will be a pleasant and comfortable experience.

The two zipline choices are the Zip-Zilla and the Super-Hero Zoom. The Zip-Zilla sends you ziplining from 77 feet high in a seated position and traveling 850 feet across the street. The Super-Hero starts you 114 feet above the ground while in a horizontal position and sends you a whopping 1,700 feet across like Superman.

6) Bellagio Fountains

The Bellagio Fountains is a beautiful free attraction outside the Bellagio Resort Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Onlookers from the Strip are free to observe the fountains without having to be hotel guests. Since you’ll probably want to spend time outside with your friends during the fall season, this is a great attraction to witness in the cool fall weather.

The Bellagio Fountains consist of approximately 1,214 nozzles that shoot water up to 460 feet into the air. And if you visit the fountains at nighttime, the water illuminates from the nearly 4,800 lights installed in the water. There are even scheduled water fountain shows between 8 PM and midnight on most nights of the week.

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The fall months are an underrated time to visit Las Vegas. They offer everything from cool temperatures to fun and entertaining things to do for tourists. Make your reservations a few months in advance to ensure you secure the seating and experiences you want before your arrival in the fall.