Global Business Communication Skills

In today’s globalised economy, mastering the art of communication across cultural divides is essential. This exploration delves into the multifaceted challenges and skills required for effective international business communication. From understanding cultural nuances to leveraging technology and learning from real-world leaders, we’ll explore how to navigate and excel in this complex environment. By the end, … Read more

Tautology: When It Is Okay to Use It and How to Avoid It

If you are familiar with the word tautology, we will take it that you use grammar checkers like Grammarly to proofread your essays before submitting them. This may also mean something else: that something needs to be corrected. Another word for tautology in literary work means saying the same thing in two different words. It is using … Read more

Here’s A Quick Brilliant Cheat Sheet To Avoid Using The Word “Very”

“Avoid using the word ‘very’ because it’s lazy.” Okay, guilty as charged. You can’t accuse me though for not trying his best to use big words when writing a piece for Atchuup. And I love a variety of lofty-sounding words because… it’s cute. Source: / H/T: [wp_ad_camp_2]