This Photographer Is Known For His Cool Photos. But Many Don’t Know About His Amazing Story.

In 2006, Clark Little didn’t even have a professional camera. One day his wife came home with a framed picture of Waimea Bay shorebreak. He thought he could easily replicate it. He went out and bought a waterproof casing for his cheap point-and-shoot camera and headed out to the beach. Soon after, his collection of … Read more

This Father Wrote This Wonderful Letter To His Daughter While Sitting In The Make-Up Aisle.

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A Dying Grandma Was Asked By Her Grandson If She’s Scared. So She Showed Him This.

She was suffering from cancer. When her grandson asked her if she’s scared of dying, this serene grandma showed him this, which perfectly encapsulated what she wanted to say. And it’s beautiful. Read and be inspired by this woman’s courage and strength. imgur (Source: Reddit) [wp_ad_camp_2]