30 of The World’s Weirdest, Most Intriguing Foods

Gone are the days when fancy schmancy gastronomical delights are all foodies talk about. That’s right, bugs and animal reproductive organs are slowly inching into the spotlight. Can’t really say bon appetit here. But step aside bacon, here comes…   1. Urine-soaked eggs “Tong Zi Dan” is a famous delicacy in Donyang County in the … Read more

10 Foods that Resemble The Body Parts They’re Good For

Whenever you’re wondering what is healthy for your brain or your heart, just think of the food that resembles those body parts. Because believe it or not, there are foods that looks just like the bones, the brain, and the heart that are actually very good for them.   1. Walnut for the brain The … Read more

It Has Finally Happened: Wine Ice Cream

There’s a family run business based in New York that has just done something that, quite frankly, we are surprised hasn’t happened sooner… Ladies and gents, we introduce you to Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream: a new wine infused ice cream that’s 5% alcohol proof. The family-run dairy farm and ice creamery has developed a unique … Read more