Who Are The Bitcoin Whales?

Since the invention of Bitcoin (BTC), there have been more people interested in buying it, but what if we told you there are some companies, groups, or individuals that see the power of BTC so strongly that they have invested billions of dollars. These people are called BTC whales and they have a significant impact … Read more

Questions To Ask Your Lawyer In A Tax-Related Case

When it comes to lawyers, most people think they would never need an attorney in their lifetime. The main reason for this is that they never think beyond family and criminal justice issues. However, it is important to note that lawyers work in a variety of specialties that will help you with your business and … Read more

Positive Steps to Help Build Your Financial Confidence

Money affirmations are all about attracting wealth and generating prosperity. While positive thinking does have an impact on your emotions, truly achieving financial security comes through action. If you aren’t good with money or just consider yourself someone who never developed money smarts, there are steps you can take that can increase your confidence and … Read more

Beat the bank – 3 ways to invest your money

To beat the bank, if only it was as easy as saying it. There’s a popular slot game that goes by that very name, but let’s face it, gambling is no way to beat the bank or solve any of your financial problems. Instead, if you’re going to beat the system, you’ll need to either … Read more

How Crypto Exchanges Can Help You Make Money

Numerous cryptocurrency trades have grown up and contributed billions of bucks in buying and offering volumes over the last decade. The Cryptocurrency substitute commercial venture provides the risk to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies. This activity might envelop ordinary fiat monetary standards or diverse cryptocurrencies. Some exchanges additionally permit you to exchange-based totally on changes in … Read more

Price predictions for converting Bitcoin to XEM

Why convert BTC to XEM XEM or NEM is a P2P cryptocurrency, also acts as a blockchain that has introduced such features as proof-of-importance (POI) algorithm, accounts with numerous passwords and signatures, every detail encrypted. Another security feature is harvesting leads to the creation of a new blockchain.  BTC is the leading cryptocurrency that allows … Read more