Artist Cuts Into Old Books And Turns Them Into Stunning Masterpieces

Artist Barbara Wildenboer will get you in the mood for some serious paper-cutting with her collection of delicately cut books. She produces “sprawling paper nervous systems” by cutting hyperdetailed paper strips that form vein-like formations splaying out from each book’s spine. Re-purposing old books have never looked so inviting! See for yourself!   Barbara Wildenboer … Read more

Mr. Bean Painted Into Art History’s Greatest Portraits

People call him a caricature artist, but Rodney Pike calls himself a ‘Humorous Illustrator’ because that’s what he does and loves best — putting humor into his illustrations. “I make no statements with my work. It’s simply for fun. It’s just a really cool bonus that I get paid for doing this stuff. Love my … Read more

20+ Clever Tattoo Designs You Will Ever See

Many would think getting tattoos is a horrible idea. But actually, if you pick a design that strongly describes who you are and what you believe in, or perhaps serve as a lasting reminder of something or someone – then it really won’t be a bad idea in the end. Take for instance these 23 … Read more