DNA11 – A Company that lets you Create Art from your DNA

Art is a form of expressing yourself to others. About interior design, you would also like to include some additional pieces in your space to make it look stunning besides furniture. You add flowers, arts, and pictures to your walls. It adds a touch to make your space unique. 

DNA 11 provides you with the right solution for art. With an unprecedented degree of personalization, you can impress your visitors by displaying unique art at your home. DNA11 has influenced many people with its products.

Each DNA has a different interpretation, and the findings are well illustrated. Keep reading to know more about DNA11 – a company that lets you create art from your DNA.

What is DNA? 

DNA is a genetic material within every cell in your body. It is a complex molecule containing all the essential details to create and sustain an organism.  

The chromosomes containing these DNAs consist of millions of genes inherited from either parent. These genes are responsible for the function of the body and cells on your special genetic make-up. It is the principal unit of inheritance in all types of species.

About DNA11

DNA11 is an enterprise that transforms your DNA into a form of art. The two founders Adrian Salamunovic and Nazim Ahmed, are fascinated by the production, creation, and design of personalized art. 

Both of them collaborated to create a modern art form with the use of science and architecture. You can purchase and modify your DNA portrait from its website. There are around three DNA11 centers all around the world with more than 60 working employees. 

They created thousands of DNA portraits in 29 countries. People from several fields of education and work gather under one roof to create a portrait for you.

What are DNA Portraits?

DNA portraits are a specific style of art. They are planned only for you, and there will never be the same two prints by two different people. DNA 11 sends you a package to gather your DNA sample once you order your DNA art.

It is an easy and painless process. You have to swab onto your cheek, and they have everything they need to create your DNA portrait. You will then have a range of choices in front of you. You can choose the theme, scale, color, and frames from a set of unlimited options.

How to create DNA Portraits?

Dna11 specifies all the features of a long process for creating a large DNA canvas for those who want a more personalized self-portrait. The corporation has specific methods to produce quality results in a leading-edge fusion of art and technology.

They are developed in large laboratories, including several comprehensive methods to achieve desired results. The laboratory initially isolates the DNA from the sample you give in the DNA separation procedure.

DNA11 removes and purifies DNA by different biological processes and then puts it by a gel, separating DNA strands from this operation. The current is added to the DNA pieces through the gel to get the final price.

You will form the DNA and will magnificently visualize the genetic material after quicker movements. Customers have the luxury of digitally uploading their artworks. The high-quality copy can be used as a screen saver and added to your products or business cards for convenience.

Have the advantage of the art skills by submitting it to families and personal connections to see their wonderful reactions. A personalized option is available to recognize your artwork. Customers have an option to choose between 16 colors. However, the company is still versatile in dealing with custom shades.

Importance of DNA Portraits

There is nothing as unique and unusual in the universe as your DNA. It is present in chromosomes made from thousands of genes that your parents inherit. The genes are made distinct by the specific crossing mechanism, making each set of chromosomes separate from one of your parents.

Therefore, many DNA profiles are not identical in the universe, making your art piece entirely authentic and original. The one thing that makes DNA portraits unique is the representation. 

It teaches us that we can be alike, but there is something distinctive about us that separates us from others. The variations are becoming more evident in an average photograph. DNA is a subtle way of recognizing oneself in this universe as a separate being and trying to unite us as human beings. It may also be a way to incorporate genetics impressively.


People can order one of these portraits, as it is one of the creative approaches in today’s world. The costs will typically vary between $200 and $2000 for each picture. The price depends on the form and size of the image you want. It might require an extra charge if it is a mini-portrait, a framed portrait, or another.

In general, as your very own genetic material handling is a matter of pride as a canvas on your wall, this shows you as an interesting individual who enjoys works of art that none of you has ever considered purchasing.

Final Thoughts

DNA11 can be a perfect option for anyone who wishes to present unique gifts to their friends and family. They also turned a traditional customer into a canvas genetic code artist to understand this unique need. They are available at an affordable price, and it depends on the kind of portrait you choose. 

When you want a DNA portrait of the family, it can be arranged at a service charge. DNA portraits are interesting and unique designs. You can present or create this beautiful art for friends or families. Hence, we hope the above article will help you know everything about DNA11 and make a suitable decision according to your requirements.