These May Look Like a Nonsense Arrangement of Trash. But Put a Light On Them And… Whoa!

These amazing shadow artworks are the works of the Greek artist Teodosio Sectio Aurea. He uses pieces of wires, metals and junks and arranges them creatively to form a stunning piece of art. Once his masterpiece is done, you won’t be able to recognize what it is and if it’s any good or not, unless … Read more

This May Look Creepy to You At First. But This Is Actually One of the Most Beautiful Places On Earth.

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This Guy Ran 217.3 Kilometers Without Stopping. He Also Filmed the Whole Thing. Just WOW!

His name is Josh Spector. He’s 41 years old and decided to join the Ultramarathon Brazil 135. He finished the race in 32 hours 49 minutes and 20 seconds. Although he didn’t bag the first place, what he’d captured with his camera while running the entire race will blow you away. This guy is truly … Read more

15 Images That Will Blow Your Mind. They Are Not Even What You Think They Are. Incredible!

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