37 Spectacular Aerial Photos of Famous Places Around The World. This Will Take Your Breath Away.

The world looks stunningly magnificent and beautiful from up there. These are just some of the most spectacular sights you’ll ever see. From the picturesque view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to the spectacular aerial shot of Male, Maldives, there’s nothing more amazing than a bird’s eye view of your favorite cities and places from … Read more

This Baby Elephant Is About to Drown. Then This Heartwarming Thing Happened. Watch, It’s Amazing.

A herd of elephants were crossing the treacherous Ewaso Nyiro river in Kenya. The river is higher than usual because of the rain. A 6-month-old baby elephant attempted to cross with the adults but was swept away by the strong current. Then an amazing thing happened that we’re very lucky to witness, thanks to the … Read more

This Looks Like an Ordinary Box, Right? Well, Look A Bit More Closer And Your Brain Will Explode.

This magical box is the amazing work by Ron Brinkmann. He built a box with six square mirrors and the reflecting sides turned inwards. The result is an infinite mirror loop that gives you the mind-blowing images below. Ron placed different objects into the box. He also put a camera that’s set to go off … Read more

You May Think These Are Photoshopped Pictures. But They’re Actually Real and Completely Amazing.

You’re going to swear that these amazing photos below are photoshopped. But I assure you they’re awesomely real. They are the work of an incredibly talented and creative Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov. Every summer Andrey spends hours and hours of setting up fantastic fairy tale scenes before starting to photograph them with the red forest … Read more

These May Look Like a Nonsense Arrangement of Trash. But Put a Light On Them And… Whoa!

These amazing shadow artworks are the works of the Greek artist Teodosio Sectio Aurea. He uses pieces of wires, metals and junks and arranges them creatively to form a stunning piece of art. Once his masterpiece is done, you won’t be able to recognize what it is and if it’s any good or not, unless … Read more