25 Strangely Amazing Facts About The Human Body. I Bet You Didn’t Know About #21.

Our body is amazing and there are a lot of things we didn’t know about it. Thanks to this amazing list of strange facts about the human body, we can get started learning more about it, so that we’ll know more about taking good care of it.

The best thing also with this list is that you can use some of these interesting facts to pepper your conversation with someone today. Enjoy!

1. Your body produces enough saliva in a lifetime to fill up 2 swimming pools.


2. Your eyes contract about 100,000 times per day, which is equivalent to exercising your legs by walking 50 miles per day.

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3. Your body has a unique smell than everyone else on earth, except if you’ve an identical twin.

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4. Most babies are born with blue eyes. Eventually the true color will come out due to UV light (the sun) exposure.


5. We’re a visual creature. Almost 90% of information we gather from our environment comes from the eyes.

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6. It can take up to ½ year for your finger and toenails to grow a new nail from base to tip.

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7. In 60 seconds, your blood cells will take a complete circuit of your body.

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8. An average human will shed about 18kgs (40lbs) of skin in a lifetime.

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9. You’ve a very demanding brain. It uses about 20% of your body’s oxygen and caloric intake.

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10. Both of your kidneys have 1 million filters each that cleanse your blood (around 1.3 liters per minute) and push out almost 1.5 liters of urine each day.

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11. Ovaries have more than 500,000 eggs. Only about 400 eggs will get the opportunity to create life.

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12. You can visibly see your bladder getting noticeably bigger when you really need to pee.

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13. Your stomach cells regenerate faster than the digestive acid can destroy them.

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14. Your feet contain about 500,000 sweat glands, which produce over 16 ounces of sweat every day.

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15. An average westerner consumes 50 tons of food and 50,000 liters of liquid in a lifetime.

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16. The cartilage between your bones compresses slowly throughout the day. That’s why you’re about 1cm shorter by the time you go to bed at night.


17. A baby’s foreskin is often used extensively to treat burn patients.

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18. Your bones are super-strong. They’re four times stronger than concrete.

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19. Your body’s largest organ is the skin. A male adult’s skin, if stretched out, would cover around 20 square feet.

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20. To taste something your saliva must dissolve it first. Try tasting something with a dry tongue.


21. Men produce about 10 million new sperm each day, which is enough to repopulate the world in six months.


22. You’re so hot. In just 30 minutes your body can produce heat enough to boil ½ gallon of water.


23. Your lungs have over 300,000,000 capillaries. If stretched out tip to tip, they’d reach over 1,500 miles (the distance between LA and Atlanta).


24. Having more dreams is correlated to having a higher IQ.


25. It’s nearly impossible to tickle yourself and laugh.

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