Frozen 100-Year-Old Negatives Discovered In A Block Of Ice in Antarctica

They were restoring one of the exploration huts in Antarctica when they discovered a box that held a remarkable treasure.


17 Historic Landmarks Photographed from a Different Angle

We mostly see the famous landmarks in all their grandness and glory, always photographed to mimic that perfect postcard scene. But how often do we get to see them from a fresh, totally different perspective? How about if...


Stunning Black-And-White Photos You Can’t Stop Gazing At

This is why I love black and white photos! ’Margot Believes in Batman’ from a series of photos showing lonely Batman toy wandering through Texas. © Remi Noel Soap bubble. © Keszi László ’Alejandra.’ © Antonio...


47 Perfectly Timed Shots Of Beautiful Creatures In The Wild

To get these amazing shots requires plenty of patience, skills and luck. But as they say in animal photography, as in life in general: the greater the challenge, the greater the rewards.


27 Rare Color Photographs of World War II

We never get enough when it comes to rarely seen photos from history. This time we give you an amazing collection of rare color images during the Second World War era.   1. An unidentified US pilot stands up in the cockpit...


National Geographic Photographer Face-Off With A Deadly Predator

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen is known for his stunning wildlife photos. This is one of his most dangerous assignments.

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