Epic Battle for the Ages: Hippos Vs. Crocodiles. The Skirmish Photos Will Take Your Breath Away.

The amazing battle happened in the Luangwa River in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. Wildlife photographer Marc Mol captured the incredible breathtaking moments. Hippos and crocodiles are two of the fearsome creatures...

xmas decors hospital-FI

Medical Staff Show Their Funny, Creative Side Through These 10 Hospital Christmas Decorations

Whoever said that the awesome folks in the health care sector don't know how to "jolly" it up for Christmas clearly haven't seen these hospital Christmas decorations yet.


Germany’s Largest Supermarket Just Raised The Bar On Christmas Awesomeness

This wonderful surprise for their shoppers will definitely get everyone in the mood for the season.


The President tree is 3200 years old! It’s SO big that it has never been captured in one photo until now…

There’s a magnificent sequoia tree in Sierra Nevada's Sequoia National Park. It’s 3,200 years old with 2 billion leaves, and stands over 247 feet tall. They gave this incredible tree a fitting name: the President.


17 Fascinating Photos of Snails and the Magical World They Live In

There’s tiny magic happening all around us. Vyacheslav Mishchenko, a Ukrainian photographer who specializes in macro photography, found it.


What Our Favorite Movies Really Looked Like Before and After Visual Effects

Eye-opening images of movies after and before visual effects were added.

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