They Go To Rescue This Neglected Dog Off The Streets. But When They Look Closer? OMG

Hope For Paws got a call about a neglected dog wandering the streets of South Central. Eldad Hagar asked Lisa Chiarelli to join him on the mission. But this mission is different from any they have ever done.

As they closed in on the homeless dog named Julia, they noticed something was a little different.

“Usually we rescue dogs, but this time, I am pretty sure that we rescued a wolf-hybrid!!”

“The first picture of Julia.”


Eldad Hagar

“Just as we spotted Julia, I noticed that she was about to walk into a yard.”


Eldad Hagar

“As I slowed down in front of the gate, Lisa Chiarelli opened the door and jumped out before I even came to a complete halt. She calmly closed the gate, and the first part of this rescue was over – Julia was secured.”


Eldad Hagar

“Julia had an old rope tied to her which indicates to me that someone owned and neglected her to a criminal level… this poor girl was so swollen from infections, she was bleeding, pus was oozing from everywhere, and it’s hard to see because of this coat, but she is just skin and bones.”


Eldad Hagar

“Lisa offered treats and worked slowly to gain Julia’s trust.”


Eldad Hagar

“Even though Julia was so skinny and starved, she took food so gently.”


Eldad Hagar

“After spending 20 minutes with Julia, Lisa placed my Lucky Leash on Julia.”


Eldad Hagar

“At that point, the property owner noticed that we’re in her yard. I explained to her what happened, gave her my business card, and promised we would take good care of this poor girl that was wandering in this neighborhood.”


Eldad Hagar

“We rearranged the car to make it comfortable for Julia so she can hang out with us on the way to the hospital.”


Eldad Hagar

“Julia was a little unsure about hopping into a car, so we had to encourage her and explain to her that things are about to get AMAZINGLY BETTER :-)”


Eldad Hagar


“After battling traffic to get to the rescue location, we had to battle traffic on the way to The Veterinary Care Center in Hollywood so we can begin treatment.”


Eldad Hagar

“We immediately took samples to confirm out suspicion that Julia had Demodectic Mange, and of course the results were positive.”


Eldad Hagar

“As the bathtub was being prepared for us, we waited patiently and got to know each other.”


Eldad Hagar

“Julia’s paws were so swollen, her nails were so long… so much discomfort, but it was all about to change.”


Eldad Hagar

“She is only 2 years old, but such an old soul… I can’t even imagine what she had gone through during all this time since she was born.”


Eldad Hagar

“When we got the water running, we noticed right away how skinny she was… just awful to see.”


Eldad Hagar

“As the water broke down the scabs, Julia started bleeding from everywhere. This is a necessary step… a medicated bath.”


Eldad Hagar

“As Lisa grabbed a towel, Julia just rested her head on Lisa’s arm… this was a stressful experience for Julia, and she was happy it was over.”


Eldad Hagar

“Before having dinner and going to sleep, Dr. Ingram checked Julia.”


Eldad Hagar

“Three hours after the rescue I came back to the hospital… I just wanted to spend a little more time with her before going to sleep.”


Eldad Hagar

“On the first day Julia didn’t want to eat much, so Lisa and I returned with some really good food, and that helped :-)”


Eldad Hagar

“Julia is getting stronger… still spending most of her time sleeping.”


Eldad Hagar

“Today I took Julia and we sat together outside for an hour. We enjoyed each other’s company, we looked at the people who looked at us and probably thought to themselves ‘look at this guy sitting there with a wolf’.”


Eldad Hagar

“Julia is still not wagging her tail… she just shows her appreciation by rubbing her head on me. What a special girl.”


Eldad will keep us updated on her healing progress on the Hope For Paws’ Facebook page.

What an amazing, unique rescue! Hats off once again to Hope For Paws for the wonderful work they do. 🙂

[sources: Facebook, Flickr]