Artist Converts A 1979 Ford Falcon Into Weapons of Mass Instruction

In celebration of World Book Day, popular soft drink brand 7 Up, teamed up with Argentinian artist Raul Lemesoff to construct one of his famous book tanks.

Lemesoff picked a stripped down 1979 Ford Falcon then converted it into a roving library on wheels. The artist calls his “militaristic bibliothecas,” Weapons of Mass Instruction.

You gotta see it to believe it!

Lemesoff drives his book tank around the streets of Argentina.

book tank 2

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book tank 3

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As long as you promise to read it, he’ll give you a book for free.

book tank 4

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book tank 5

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The book tank can carry 900 free books.

book tank 6

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This looks super cool!!!

book tank 7

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book tank 8

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Watch the video and see how this amazing project came together.

Credit: Colossal

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