Ways To Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

Macrotrends has found that so far this year every 12.403 women out of 100 will give birth. This means that women from all over the country are getting pregnant throughout the year. With pregnancy comes the responsibility of taking care of yourself, and your unborn child. That can be done by taking steps to stay healthy or become healthy, during your pregnancy.

1. Nutrition-Eating habits may be hard to change but it is very important to cut out any junk food that eat, as well as sugary foods or drinks. Cut back on caffeine intake. Stop using alcohol if you do drink at all. Drink plenty of water so your body is always hydrated. When it comes to eating or drinking make sure to ingest items that contain vitamin B, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, protein, iodine, and foliate. Remember that the saying “eating for two” is just a saying. If you take in all the nutrients that you and the baby need there is no reason to eat more than you are accustomed to. 

2. Vitamins-You should always take prenatal vitamins throughout your pregnancy. It helps maintain adequate levels of all the vitamins that your body needs, as well as the needs of the baby growing inside of you.

3. Sleep-You need to get plenty of sleep to help you manage the day. 7 to 9 hours is the recommended amount. Every woman may be a little different so go with what makes you feel rested and refreshed. Remember sleep is the best medicine. It allows your mind and body to heal and recuperate, getting you ready for the next day.

4. Health Visits-Make sure that you schedule, and attend, regular visits to your health care provider. They will help you monitor the progress of the baby and will make suggestions on how to make the pregnancy easier. If you do not have insurance before getting pregnant be sure to get pregnancy insurance beforehand. Check into it because many of the policies have a 12-month waiting time before they will cover any expenses.

5. Activity-It is extremely important to stay active during your pregnancy. It is recommended that you are active 30 to 60 minutes every day. This means anything that elevates your heart rate for a constant amount of time. Obviously, you do not want to overdo it. Keep your heart rate and breathing at a safe level. Use a smartwatch to keep track of them. As with any type of exercise, make sure to check with a health care professional before starting a new routine, they may have different ideas for you depending upon your current level of fitness.

6. Smoking-If you do smoke you now have a great reason to stop. Smoking can cause sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), premature birth, or even a miscarriage. 

7. Reduce Stress-Excess amounts of stress in your life is not healthy on a regular basis, but when you are pregnant it is even more important to reduce the amounts of it that you have. Rely on family and friends to shoulder some of the burdens of it. Walk away from situations that can cause you problems. Obviously, in the real world, you cannot delete all the stress from your life, but if you notice a pattern of stress than remove it from your daily routines.

One of the keys to have a healthy baby is to have good habits. Health.gov states that to have a healthy pregnancy you need to eat well and stay active. Many sites can guide you on eating correctly, as well as blogs or articles that can help you safely stay fit.