How to Naturally Optimize Your Hormones for Muscle Building

Whether you’re a veteran athlete or just starting to hit the gym more often, one of the challenges you’ll be facing on your fitness journey will pertain to building muscle and strength continually. What you may not know is that you’ll need to regulate your growth hormones to get the body shape you want. 

Fortunately, there are several organic ways you can boost your body’s performance to achieve your goals. In the following guide, we will provide some tips and suggestions on how to naturally optimize your hormones for muscle building. 

Reduce Your Intake of Sugar and Refined Carbohydrates

One of the first changes you can start applying to regulate your hormones is to focus on your insulin levels. Not only will cutting back on these types of food help you in your weight loss journey but having controlled insulin levels also boosts your human growth hormone production (HGH). By combining a more balanced diet with regular exercise and targeted workouts for muscle growth, your metabolism and hormones will soon regulate themselves organically to sync with those changes.

Many people have tried different exercises and diets to boost their muscle growth to no avail. One of the most effective ways to kickstart your metabolism and balance your hormones is through intermittent fasting, which helps accelerate these processes. Men can fast for slightly more extended periods than women, but everyone can benefit from at least 14 hours of not ingesting any type of solid food. You can combine any diet you prefer with intermittent fasting to achieve faster results, but it’s strongly advised that you don’t make any significant changes to your diet or eating habits without consulting your doctor or nutritionist. That way, you can make sure you’re consuming the necessary nutrients to sustain your workout routine.

Take the Right Supplements

If you want to give your hormones an extra boost to promote muscle building, a good option you can look into is adding supplements to your diet. Specifically, glutamine is one of the essential amino acids that help the body build muscle mass,  support the immune system, and preserve your intestinal health. Even though your body already produces glutamine naturally, you can reach optimal levels by incorporating glutamine supplements into your diet, which are usually sold as a powder mixture or pills. Depending on your goals, the pros behind also recommend supporting your diet with arginine. This amino acid boosts protein production and will regulate your blood pressure if you suffer from hypertension. Moreover, it will naturally increase your HGH levels during your sleep cycle. 

If you’re working out with a personal trainer, feel free to ask them about what other supplements can help naturally boost your muscle growth with your given diet and workout routine. Supplements are extremely easy to incorporate into your regular diet and, provided that you do your research and choose a reputable brand, you will find ones that are manufactured with natural components that will benefit your body and provide noticeable results in just a few weeks. 

Sleep Well

It may seem irrelevant, but the truth is that your body produces higher amounts of HGH if you have good-quality sleep. If you happen to have an irregular sleep cycle or don’t get enough deep sleep, your body will not recover from the strain of your word count properly, and your HGH levels won’t be optimal. 

To feel refreshed and energized in the morning and boost your body’s health and strength, follow a healthy nighttime routine before going to bed. Most experts agree that using dim lights and avoiding screen time and caffeine an hour before your bedtime will help you improve your sleep quality in the long run. If you’re interested in boosting your sleep quality with additional supplements, magnesium has proven benefits for promoting restful sleep and can help you if you’re having trouble achieving this.

Once you start looking for ways to optimize your hormones for muscle building, you’ll realize that it’s a long-term process that requires a holistic approach to the way you take care of yourself. Eating healthily and exercising properly impact the way your body builds muscle and gains strength, and allowing it to rest when needed will help it heal from the strain of your intense workouts and support boost your muscle-building efforts. The human body can achieve an optimal balance if we cater to all its needs, and you’ll be able to achieve your goals if you remain disciplined and focused on staying healthy and in shape.