A Look At The US NAVY’s New $13 Billion USS Gerald Ford Warship

Meet the USS Gerald Ford, the lead ship of the new Ford-class aircraft carrier series, which according to CNN, will be joining the US Navy by February 2016.

Come take a closer look at this multibillion-dollar beast of a warship.

The USS Gerald Ford is expected to cost over $13 billion (by far the most expensive in history) by the time it is deployed. Once launched, it will also be one of the largest warships in the world.

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The 1,092 feet long and 100,000-ton massive ship will feature several changes over the current Nimitz-class carrier. One particular advancement is that the Ford-class carriers will be capable of generating electrical power three times more than the older models.

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Compared to the previous steam-powered launch systems, the Ford’s electrical power supply will allow it to use the newly designed Electro-Magnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS). This means the warship can launch 25% more aircraft a day.

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According to Business Insider, “The amount of electricity onboard also makes the Ford-class carriers ideal candidates to field laser and directed-energy weapons in the future, like rail guns and missile interceptors.”

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Newport News Shipbuilding floods Dry Dock 12 to float the first-in-class aircraft carrier, Pre-Commissioning Unit Gerald R. Ford │ via Business Insider

The carrier is expected to carry F-35s and, once available, carrier-based drone aircraft.

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The USS Gerald Ford (and the accompanying Ford-class carrier fleet) is intended to relieve stress and over deployment within the US Navy which currently operates 10 carries.

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