Tyler Hynes Education: Bio, Net Worth, Height, Age, & Wife

Known for his versatility, Canadian actor Tyler Jeffrey Hines made a huge impact on the entertainment industry, excelling not only in acting but also directing, producing, producing and writing. His journey in entertainment into the world began at the simple age of eight, and showed unflinching devotion to his art. For more than two decades he was recognized for his roles in various media, appearing prominently in Hallmark Channel movies Toronto.

Canada-born Hines catapulted into the spotlight portraying Tiny Tim in the musical “A Christmas Carol” and left n ‘famous work under especially “It Was Always You”, “Winter.” Well” and other Hallmark films continued to cement his place in the industry. Find out more about his life.

Who is Tyler Hynes?

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Born on May 6, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Tyler Hines has distinguished himself as a leader in the entertainment industry, known for his diverse and creative contributions. Hines is an actor, director, producer, editor, writer and performer. Although details of his father are unknown, his mother’s name was Betty Robichaud Hines.

Tyler grew up with his younger brother, Brandon Haynes, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where Hines showed talent from an early age in baseball, football and ice hockey in addition to participating in sports teams and school activities. 

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Tyler Hynes Early Life and Education

Tyler Hines is a talented actor whose education played a key role in shaping his artistic journey. Hines’ parents were Mr. Hines, Betty Robichaud Hines and his brother Brandon Hines raised Tyler and attended St. Louis. Mother Teresa Catholic School for her early education did so before attending St. Mary’s. Francis Xavier Catholic High School and North Dundas Regional High School, graduating in 2004. Her upbringing in a supportive environment gave her an early interest in the arts.

She attended Canadian schools, beginning with Mother Teresa’s Catholic education for primary school and graduating from St. Mary’s. Francis Xavier High School in Hammond for high school. Meanwhile, his brother Brandon Hines has found success as a professional ice hockey player and has also showcased his talent as a storyteller on platforms like Medium.

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Tyler’s Height, Weight 

The Canadian celebrity is about 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) tall. Tyler weighed about 174 pounds (79 kilograms) before achieving his current physique. Currently, he weighs about 132 pounds (60 kilograms), indicating a weight loss of about 42 pounds or 19 kilograms.

Tyler Hynes personal life

Tyler maintains a discreet personal life and seems to enjoy his single status. Public relations status has not been disclosed at the moment, as he wishes to maintain privacy. While there were rumors of a photo he shared in 2017 showing a mysterious woman, no official confirmation was provided. Tyler revealed the woman’s name as professional model Raquel Natasha before deleting the photo.

However, other details about their relationship are scarce. Tyler was reportedly previously in a relationship with a model named Raquel Natasha Bettencourt, but is currently single and dedicated to developing her acting career.

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Tyler Hynes Career

Multi-faceted Canadian talent Tyler Hines has established himself as a key figure in the entertainment industry, starting his career at the age of 8 with his natural talent and passion for his art has celebrated his greatest season as an actor, director, producer, editor and writer. Hines has had a distinguished career on such television shows as Saving Hope, The Firm, 19-2, Unreal and Rookie Blue. Of particular note are his contributions to over 30 Hallmark Channel movies, including The Story of Us, It’s Christmas, Eve, and A Christmas Carousel.

Her acting career began at the age of 7 and led to leading roles in TV shows and films such as Little Man and Peter Benchley’s Amazon. Hines has also delved into directing, writing and producing, with notable projects including the documentary “Help Dog Recycle” and music videos for popular artists like Sean Frank and Rezz.

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Tyler Hynes Net worth

With Canadian actor Tyler Hines’ staggering $10 million net worth cashing in on a distinguished twenty-year career in acting known for his undeniable talent and unwavering dedication, Hines emerged as a leading figure in the entertainment industry, and earned acclaim as one of Canada’s most gifted artists.

Since its establishment, it has been easy for Hines to build a fortune with a flamboyant career path that stands as proof if it means he won games in the entertainment industry.


Tyler Hines’ transformation from child actor to Hallmark Channel movie icon is a testament to his passion and unwavering dedication. His Hollywood success, reflected in his impressive wealth, underscores his enduring appeal and enormous impact on the entertainment industry.