Top 10 Hot Tips and Tricks of American Netflix for Canadian Users

If you wish to get more out of Netflix, you should watch American Netflix in Canada even though you’re currently located in Canada because the American Netflix library has the world’s largest collection.

You’ll be happy to know that there are some ways to connect to American Netflix in Canada, and that is through a premium VPN. Additionally, you are in for a real treat because Netflix has a growing collection of original programs.

So if you are a Canadian subscriber who is interested in taking your streaming experience to the next level, the following is a collection of more than a dozen tips and methods that will assist you in becoming an expert user of American Netflix.

1. Your account may personalize user profiles

After choosing a plan, you may add profiles to your account. Personalizing your Netflix account helps you select which movies are seen on your dashboard.

Each row has been organized and picked based on the stuff you like, watch, click, and search for. Each profile has its own settings and can be altered in minutes. If you’re the only one using the account, you may customize it; if you let friends and relatives use it, you lose this power.

One Netflix account may support up to five separate accounts, making it simpler to monitor preferences. For example, if your wife likes comedies but you like telenovelas, you may establish different accounts and receive personalized suggestions.

Quitting and restarting Netflix is the simplest method to swap profiles. You may choose which Netflix profile to open.

2. Take control of your list of shows to watch later

If you start viewing a TV program or movie but quit the app before the finish, your Continue Watching list is updated. When you return, you may start afresh with this list by clicking the title you wish, and it will continue from there.

The Continue Watching list doesn’t have to be automated. You may erase shows from your Continue Watching list if you know you won’t watch them again.

3. Watch downloaded episodes and movies offline

Netflix, although a “streaming service,” can still be watched without an internet connection if you download the movie or show first.

This capability is only available on mobile devices. It’s beneficial to download movies and episodes before traveling to an area without a good internet connection. Downloads expire after a while.

Most downloads last seven days before “expiring” and requiring re-downloading. The episode or movie’s synopsis will list its length.

4. Use Netflix codes to reveal obscure titles

Netflix has hundreds of hidden shows and movies not shown on the dashboard. So how can you locate shows if they’re off your homepage? 

You should know that Netflix assigns numbers for each genre. You’ll see all category titles when you enter these codes in your browser’s URL bar. We’ve collected some of our best Netflix codes, and here are some of them.

Wine/Beverage: 1458

Scandanavian movies: 995 

Korean thrillers: 434 

Movies about camping: 1252

Drama: 6384

Western: 7700

Courtroom comedies: 285

Make sure to go to

5. You can get Netflix on various devices

Netflix can be watched on practically any internet-connected device using the Netflix app.

Here are other devices that can stream Netflix:

Smart TVs: Roku or Apple TV

Gaming consoles: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Phones and tablets

6. Use shortcut keys on your keyboard

You don’t have to make use of your mouse to operate anything when you’re streaming Netflix because your keyboard gives you access to virtually every playback option. Here are some of them:

  • Hit Space Bar or Enter (PC)/Return to start or halt the video (Mac).
  • F opens Full Screen. Esc exits Full Screen.
  • The left arrow key skips back 10 seconds. The right arrow key skips ahead.
  • Up and down arrow keys alter the volume.
  • M mutes sounds.
  • Pressing S skips a TV show’s introductory segment.

7. Select the optimal video quality

Netflix will only stream standard-definition video if your bandwidth is too sluggish for HD. Also, if you want to see tiny picture details, don’t use this video format since the image quality is blurry and distorted.

You can select the video quality that Netflix will stream by default by choosing Auto, providing you with the highest quality video that Netflix believes your internet connection can support.

8. You can add subtitles, audio descriptions, and captions.

Ever struggled to understand a movie? Netflix broadcasts every episode and movie with subtitles and captions. You may enable subtitles and audio descriptions through the language options menu while viewing. You may deactivate these features if desired.

9. You can switch the language that is shown on your account.

Even though Netflix is a company based in the United States, not all of its customers are fluent in the English language. You may choose from over 20 languages associated with your Netflix account anytime. 

Two choices appear on the language selection screen. First, you may choose the menu and content language. Second, pick the language you wish to read and listen to, which will set the default subtitles and audio tracks when you start a movie.

10. Maintain the safety of your account.

If you want to watch American Netflix from Canada, it requires quite a bit of personal information from you, including your name, your email address, and the specifics of your payment method. So never ever let anyone else you don’t trust get their hands on your account. 

In conclusion

Netflix’s user-friendly layout and navigation make it a top streaming company. With our tips and tactics to watch American Netflix in Canada, you can now enjoy your favorite series and movies. Cheers!