10 Things Only Old Souls Will Understand

You’ve probably experienced feeling older than you are. But don’t worry you’re not alone. For anyone who’s an old soul, you’ve probably been referred to as “old-fashioned” and was called “mom / dad” more often than you care to admit.

It’s possible that you’ll only realize you’re an old soul until someone tells you. And once you recognize it and accept it, you’ll start to notice that there are certain things only you and other old souls can understand.

These 10 here are among them.

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You wonder about a lot of things. You even think deeply about the people you rarely interact with. You simply don’t say hi to the barista but you also give time wondering what his life is like and if he loves his job. You may not realize it, but you think a lot about the world around you.
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You find looking out on the world around you to be somewhat magical. A windowsill ledge in your home or apartment is your go-to spot when you come home. With a book, nook, or newspaper in hand, or even with empty hands, you know there’s just no better place in the world.
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You’re often the one who ends up talking sense into your friends when they have some half-assed idea. Of course they’ll call you a buzzkill but you simply won’t let them get themselves into trouble.

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Old souls are compassionate. Seeing a hungry stray or a homeless person always breaks your heart. You are empathetic and you worry about random people.

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Your empathy attracts others. People go to you for advice. You’re that someone they can rely on when they need to talk through their problems and that’s because you listen (you enjoy listening to other people’s life stories) and you know exactly what to say to make them feel better after.


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You don’t exactly hate the generation you’re in, but you can’t help wonder why other generations seem to fit you better. This leaves you to question if you were born in the wrong time period.

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It’s not that you can’t relate to today’s society, it’s just you feel oddly misplaced within your own culture.

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Old souls know how short life can be. And so you make the most out of the simplest things. You cherish even the most fleeting moments – your grandfather’s laugh, a cup of coffee in the morning, flipping through the pages of a well-loved book… these are only a few of life’s simple things that you record fondly in memory.

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Growing up, you’d regulary hear your parent’s friends commenting on how you seem to be older than you really are. Not physically of course, but in terms of how articulate and how polite you are. Being an old soul, you take these comments as compliments.

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Old soulds are not lonely people. You have friends but somehow, you feel different from them. Not at all in a superior way… just different. You enjoy being with the people you love but you also enjoy having time to yourself. You know exactly the difference between being alone and being lonely.

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