The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Your Furry Friend

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Your Furry Friend

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A pet can be like a best friend. They’re cute, fun, completely unique—and they provide comfort when no one else can. So, it’s no wonder if you choose to take them on your adventures from time-to-time.

While some pets love cars and trains, others are averse to most kinds of transportation.

However, if you have a move or long trip coming up, you may have no choice but to take them.

Whether you’re planning for a camping trip with your pooch or a cross-country move with your kitty, you may have some questions about how to keep them happy and safe.

This is your guide to traveling with your furry friend.

Understand Travel Regulations

First, make sure you understand the rules and regulations around pet transport. Depending on your mode of transportation, your pet may be able to stick with you—or may have to spend some time solo below board.

Be aware of the following guidelines:

Planes – You’ll need a safe, regulation crate to keep your pet healthy and comfortable while they’re away from you.

Cars – Invest in a doggy seatbelt, or firmly secure your cat’s carrier to the seat. It’s tempting to let your pet roam, but this could lead to driving accidents.

Make sure you and your pet are both emotionally prepared, too!

Prepare to Deal with Pet Anxiety

Photo via Pixabay

Travel has a number of unknowns. Cats in particular are known for wailing in the backseat of the car, but dogs aren’t immune to bouts of stress when visiting new places.

Some of our furry friends may even throw up, poop, or pee to make their anxiety extra clear.

The solution? CBD oil for pets.

If you’re wondering why pet CBD is so popular, it’s because of a variety of benefits that can help our pets in daily life: ● Soothes nausea and upset stomach

Calms and relaxes

Improves minor aches and pains

As you can see, these are extra important when traveling.

One note—make sure to try out pet CBD before you leave to make sure it’s a good fit for your pet.

Bring Portable Food and Other Supplies

On the trail, your pet may need a little extra food or water. It’s easy for pets to get overheated in a sunny car! If you notice any panting, be sure to take a pit stop and break out your travel bowl.

Also stock up on:

Your pet’s preferred food brand (which may not be available in another area)

Bottled water for road trips

Doggy bags

Comforting toys

Kitty litter and a portable litter box if traveling with a cat

Don’t forget to give your pet plenty of treats for being such a good sport on an unfamiliar adventure!

Book Pet-Friendly Accommodations

There’s nothing more disappointing than arriving at a hotel, only to discover that there’s a fee for having a pet in your room—or even worse, that they don’t allow pets at all!

Don’t waste any time sitting parked in your car and scrolling through Yelp. Instead, book through a pet-friendly travel site so that you’re 100% sure your pet is welcome.

As an alternative, you can always call ahead.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

You don’t want to think about the possibility that something will happen to your pet during your trip.

However, just as you yourself might suffer an upset stomach or a bug bite, your pet could experience issues from small to serious.

To get prepared:

Buy a pet first-aid kid with emergency supplies for small cuts, scrapes, and rashes.

Bring your pet’s medical and vaccination records with you so that they can be seen by an emergency vet.

Research local veterinarians in any areas you’ll be staying in. This way, you won’t find yourself doing research in the heat of an anxious moment.

The Long Road Home

Hopefully, you have an amazing time with your furry friend and everything goes according to plan!

If you’re on a one-way trip, you can rest easy once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Continue observing your pet over the next few days to make sure they’re adjusting to their new environment.

If you’re traveling round trip, we hope you have a relaxing vacation! Just be sure you’re well-prepared with all the same supplies for your return home.

Follow the steps above to ensure happy trails on this journey and the next!