See This Rare Creature People Are Calling ‘The Most Beautiful Horse In The World’

Nature really never ceases to amaze us. From breathtaking geological formation or stunning owls, there’s simply no shortage of awe-inspiring natural marvels.

One such natural marvel is this rare horse from Turkmenistan. The magnificent creatures are called “Akhal-Teke.” Their beautiful coats are unlike anything many of us have ever seen in the world.

All horses are majestic creatures. But there’s one breed that stands out from the rest of them. The “Akhal-Teke” come from Turkmenistan and they are known for their amazing, shining blonde coats that look metallic!


They’re known in China as “horses from heaven” because these animals are very rare indeed, with only around 1,250 in existence. Their coats get their luster from the unique structural properties of the hairs themselves.



Experts who have studied the creatures have discovered that the proteins in their hairs are designed in such a way that when light hits them, their coats reflect and refract the light like metal does. Pretty nifty genetic fluke, isn’t it?!


Simply breathtaking! The pictures of these horses are truly awesome. Just imagine how impressive one looks up close in real life! Share these amazing photos with your friends!