This Terrifying Werewolf Muzzle Is Designed To Keep Dog Owners Safe During Late Night Walks

Walking your dog at night, in the dark can be terrifying. You might step on dog poop without you knowing. But more importantly, you might encounter a not-so-nice person while you’re on a late night walk with your pet. If the mere thought of that makes you nervous, then this terrifying muzzle can surely come in handy.

Manufactured by a Russian company, this muzzle will instantly transform your adorable dog into scary menacing werewolf. Take a look!

Good doggie… *slowly backs away*

werewolf dog muzzle 6

via Daily Mail

This Russian-designed werewolf muzzle comes with realistic large bloodied teeth and a snarling snout. Hopefully enough to scare a would-be attacker away.

werewolf dog muzzle 2


The muzzle is made of non-toxic plastic and nylon so it’s harmless for your dog to wear. There’s also enough space to allow your pooch to open its mouth and breath easy.

werewolf dog muzzle 3

I seriously doubt whether another dog parent also out on a walk would want to give your furbaby a treat though. But that’s okay, they’re not you and your dog’s target audience anyway.

werewolf dog muzzle 5

via Daily Mail

Dog lover Marina Kurulyova posted a photo of her dog, a giant Schnauzer, wearing the muzzle. It instantly became an internet sensation!

“Our friend has bought the muzzle for her dog, a Doberman, and we just tried it. That is how such a photograph was made.”

werewolf dog muzzle 1

Alexey Kurulyov │ via Bored Panda

It is a cool accessory but for those who aren’t aware that it’s only a muzzle, it can be terrifying and can have unpredictable results. So, terrify responsibly.

werewolf dog muzzlezz 4

via Daily Mail

On a lighter note, Halloween’s only a few months away!

werewolf dog muzzle 7

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